Become a certified addictions counselor and start your own agency

Counseling First believes in helping others learn to become professional addictions counselors and earn credentials as certified counselors, through informal coaching, mentoring, networking or internships, and in cooperation with State certification authorities such as the Illinois Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association (IAODAPCA).

We also believe in actively helping anyone who is qualified and interested start up his or her own outpatient addiction counseling business.

Our goal is not for Counseling First to grow into a large agency; rather our goal is to replicate or clone the Counseling First small agency model, over time. In this way, we can empower others to set up and manage efficient, non-profit ministries to effectively address the specific needs of local communities and families, in Chicagoland and in other cities.

Our vision is to give people the option to get counseling from small local providers, rather than only from a few large providers.

We offer technology, consulting and services to those who want to start their own nonprofit addiction counseling centers. Modern technologies (social networks, cloud based computing services, mobile devices) make it possible for small agencies to operate as efficiently as large bureaucratic agencies - sometimes even more efficiently. Contact us at 312-620-0896 to learn more.

The Illinois Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association (IAODAPCA) endorses the concept that the treatment of alcohol and other drug abuse/dependence is a specialty field requiring performance by competent and professional individuals. Counseling First has past experience working with a relatively new credential - that of Certified Associate Addictions Professionals (CAAP) - which recognizes the unique value to the profession of those with experience in recovery. Their knowledge and human service skills are well suited to deal with the unique attitudes and behaviors associated with supporting the treatment of alcohol and other drug use disorders. Knowledge and skill bases may be acquired through a combination of specialized training, education, and supervised (mentored) work experiences.

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